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According to the World Heath Organization (WHO), Homeopathy is currently the second largest system of medicine in the world. Founded by German physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann just over 200 years ago, homeopathy has proven its immense value. According to homeopathy a substance which is capable of producing disease in a healthy person will treat similar symptoms occurring in sick person i.e. the principal oh “simlia simlibus curantur”. Homeopathy treatment aims to enhance and stimulate body’s immune system and self regulatory mechanisms. Homeopathy not only focuses on the disease of the person but it also aims to improve person as a whole i.e. his mind, body and soul.
The Genetic Constitutional similimum –
The core of homeopathy refers to treating a person as whole physically, mentally and emotionally including past and present symptoms. Homeopathy treatment when used for long period helps to strengthen and improve our body’s immune system and avoids future occurrence of the diseases. A true homeopathy treatment takes care of the disease as well as the organism re-balances itself globally so that the tendency to be sick is greatly decreased. The homeopathic medicine can get at the root of your state and balance it, which manifests in a healing on all levels.
Homeopathic case taking requires the person’s history, disease history and many other general data. This enables to bring out the true Genetic makeup of the sick and thus the remedy similimum to genetics is found and administered. It is now the body is triggered and it begins its healing process. Homeopathy is efficiently used for vast range of diseases and health conditions like Allergies, Asthma, Infertility, Obesity, Arthritis, Stress, Anxiety, Spondylosis and many other health problems

Frequently Asked Questions
No it’s not a true fact. Rather homoeopathic medicines are fastest to be absorbed in body. In acute conditions such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, infections etc. homoeopathy works fast. In chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, psoriasis etc. it takes time as per disease severity. Results of homoeopathy medicines are faster in diseases like asthma, skin diseases as psoriasis, eczema.
Homoeopathy is a very vast science and is capable of treating all sorts of diseases whether acute or chronic. Rather, shorter the duration of disease faster the treatment is. Homoeopathy is even capable of treating acute conditions like Dengue, Chikenguniea, Malaria etc. Homeopathy even has the answer to so called untreatable acute viral outbreaks. Scope of homeopathy is limitless, ranging from cough n coryza, to autoimmune disorders, to genetic disorders as Autism, Cerebral palsy etc. homeopathy is effective.
There are no known side effects of homoeopathy, if prescribed and taken in right manner. However, faulty prescriptions and overdose or repetition may cause certain side effects.
Homoeopathic medicines are poetized and are preserved in alcohol medium, and under proper storage conditions do not expire for long. But, patent medicines and external applications preserved in other mediums as sugar, cream base etc. are liable to expire.
Beauty through homoeopathy is a novel concept of treating cosmetic skin ailments such as acne, blemishes, wrinkles, scars etc. with the aid of external and internal homoeopathic remedies. Here at Relief clinic we believe in inward to outward, wholistic concept. Along with use of state of art Aesthetic lasers and machines homeopathy medicines are combined to cure the problem from root.
Homoeopathy as before said is a very safe mode of treatments without side effects. Homoeopathy acts deeper and eradicates the basic problem rather than just cleansing externally or palliating. Chances of recurrence of disease are much less than in other methods.
Homoeopathy has proved highly effective in hair and scalp disorders as seborrhea, hair falling, alopecia etc. as the medicines are absorbed easily if applied externally and when taken internally they act deep to eradicate the root cause.

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  • Relief is the platform that correlates the power of homoeopathy with the finesse of aesthetics.
  • Relief is the platform that correlates the power of homoeopathy with the finesse of aesthetics.
  • Relief is the platform that correlates the power of homoeopathy with the finesse of aesthetics.

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